Many challenges arise through the journey of recovery. At times, it can be difficult to focus on the positive aspects of life and the world around you. No matter what you are going through, there is joy to be found in your life.

Importance of Finding Joy

When you fail to notice the positive aspects of your surroundings, your mind continually focuses on the negative. The buildup of negative thoughts can create a long-term state of self-doubt and resistance to success. By finding joy within your surroundings, you can escape this negative state of mind and remind yourself of the benefits that life can have.

If you are dealing with suicidal ideation or depression, finding joy in recovery is essential. With these co-occurring disorders, the negative thought patterns can intertwine, causing your symptoms to increase. Taking the time to notice the positive aspects of your world and finding a sense of joy can help you feel grounded and reestablish a sense of self-worth.

Searching for Joy

If you are stuck in a deep state of negative emotions, finding joy in your surroundings may feel unrealistic. It is normal to feel this pressure and inability. However, there is so much to appreciate right at the tip of your fingers. Using these techniques can help you begin your search for joy.

Start Journaling

You can start a gratitude journal to focus on the things you are grateful for throughout your day. Set aside time each night and reflect on the day. Think of at least one thing, person, or situation that you are grateful for. Write down how it made a positive impact on your day and yourself.

Starting with one entry a day may be difficult, but challenge yourself to write something down. With continued practice, you can increase the number of things you recognize with gratitude each day. This exercise can open your awareness of moments to be grateful for.

Observe Your Surroundings

Set aside time throughout your day to take breaks and observe your surroundings. This can be done within any setting that you can check out from the world around you and deeply think for a few minutes.

Use your senses to develop an understanding of your surroundings. Pick out ten things you find that bring you a sense of joy. This sense of joy may be extremely minimal but should promote some sense of positive emotions through the practice of mindfulness.

Joyful observations might include:

  • Viewing a colorful flower
  • Sensing the smell of rain
  • Tasting a refreshing glass of ice water
  • Feeling the warm sun on your skin
  • Hearing a soft melody in the background
  • Touching a soft blanket

Try to pick out minor aspects of your surroundings that are enjoyable. While these simple observations will not necessarily bring you to a state of joy, focusing on them can promote a positive viewpoint on your surroundings in the future.

Spend Time Outside

So many beauties of the world are found and observed within nature. Taking the time to relax in the great outdoors can bring a sense of peace and tranquility to your daily routine.

Through recovery, you are consistently working on yourself and committing a great deal of time to the process. This work is emotionally straining and can be overwhelming at times. Taking a break and enjoying the nature around you can be a great way to relax, reset, and enjoy yourself for a moment.

Leave the Past Behind

Many individuals struggle to find joy in simple things because they are tightly gripping onto their negative past. When you are dealing with trauma, the negative aspects of your past can take over your thoughts within the present. As you work to overcome trauma, attempt to leave your past behind you and focus on being present within each moment. Being present and leaving the past behind can allow you to view your surroundings and situation positively, finding yourself in your everyday life rather than dwelling on the past.

Try Something New

Another great way to find joy in recovery is to engage in sober activities that make you happy. If you are unable to recognize any activity that brings you joy, open yourself up to trying something new. There are many different sports, games, and hobbies that can be used to escape the harsh obstacles of recovery and bring you a sense of temporary joy.

As you implement these practices into your recovery lifestyle, you will slowly adapt to thinking about the things around you positively. By reinforcing these thought patterns, you will open yourself up to joy in many different situations that you previously disliked. With this increased level of awareness, you can begin to restructure your life based on what brings you joy.

Recovery from addiction often brings various negative emotions and hardships to work through. During the treatment stage, it can be hard to find joy and happiness. When various negative emotions are building up, joy is often unreachable. By implementing a few simple practices into your recovery routine, you can slowly begin to increase your awareness of your surroundings. This allows you to view the world realistically but focus on the positive aspects. These practices can be great for individuals struggling with co-occurring disorders and for those who naturally lean towards a negative state of mind. Finding aspects of the world around you that bring you joy can be greatly influential on your recovery success. Joy looks different for everyone and may take some experimentation to discover what delights you. To learn more about how to find joy in recovery, reach out to Dream Recovery at (949) 732-1960.

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