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Drug addiction isn’t just dangerous for your short and long-term health, it can tear you apart from family and friends in truly damaging ways. No matter what the drug is, you can’t sustain a life of addiction for long.

Taking these first steps is hugely important in the recovery process. Acknowledging that you need help isn’t easy, but once you do, the path forward becomes much clearer. Substance abuse disorders are rarely conquered alone, but that’s why drug rehab centers like ours are around to help.

Dream Recovery’s Costa Mesa Drug Rehab Center can help you get back on your feet and stay there. With inpatient and outpatient programs available, we can give you the program that best suits what you need to recover from your addiction.


Substance abuse disorder, sometimes referred to as substance use disorder (SUD), is characterized by an uncontrollable urge to take harmful drugs despite the effects on one’s health and relationships. When a person’s drug use becomes habitual, their ability to function in everyday life to the point that their career, family life, and friendships are all put in jeopardy.

Drug cravings can cause drastic changes in behavior and repeated drug use can actually change how the brain functions. If you find yourself taking opioids, amphetamines, or stimulants on a regular basis and can’t stop yourself, you probably have SUD.

Here are some of the signs of substance use disorder:

  • Taking a substance in increasing amounts and having uncontrollable cravings.
  • Wanting to quit but being unable to.
  • Spending an inordinate amount of time acquiring, using, and recovering from a substance.
  • Failing to show up to school or work because of the drug.
  • Neglecting social duties.
  • Finding yourself in dangerous situations as a result of doing or acquiring the drug.
  • Developing withdrawal symptoms when you don’t take the drug.

Prolonged drug abuse can take a massive toll on a person’s physical health, increasing the likelihood of cardiovascular disease, kidney problems, respiratory issues, liver disease, and overdose. In terms of mental health, it increases the risk of paranoia, depression, and anxiety.

If you or a loved one exhibits these behaviors or health problems, they could benefit from drug rehab.


At Dream Recovery, our comprehensive drug treatment plans can help you or your loved one overcome this debilitating, but ultimately treatable disease. Often, with drug addiction, there are underlying mental health issues that need to be looked at in order to properly treat a patient. Whether you check in for outpatient, intensive outpatient, or partial day treatment, you’ll be getting the best possible care and medication at our Drug Rehab in Costa Mesa. Which type of care you choose will depend on the severity of the addiction. Getting on the road to recovery will depend on getting specialized treatment with addiction therapists and counselors. A unique program that takes everything into account will be just the thing to help you back on your feet.

Don’t Wait for the Worst. Let’s Get Better Today.


If you or someone you are dealing with drug addiction, the sooner you check them into a quality treatment facility, the better. When treating substance abuse disorders, it’s important for the patient to know that they aren’t alone. Attend Dream Recovery’s Costa Mesa drug rehab center and you’ll be surrounded by supportive and passionate staff that has your health and well-being in mind. Call Dream Recovery at (657) 216-7218 to talk to an admission specialist today!
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