Your anticipation for Pride Month may have been building up for a while. Pride is an opportunity to come together with like-minded individuals in support of LGBTQIA+ people. It is a time to celebrate queer identity, relationships, and history. Fortunately, this celebration does not have to involve substances. With some intentionality and planning, people can have a fabulous sober Pride.

Remember that celebrating Pride sober is not only achievable but also rewarding and liberating. Addiction in LGBTQIA+ communities is a major problem. Getting sober as a queer person is another way to live the most authentic and healthy life for yourself. There is no reason to let Pride Month set you back in recovery. Using these techniques, you can set yourself up for success in having a sober Pride celebration.

Acknowledge Your Relapse Triggers

Recognizing your relapse triggers is super important. A relapse trigger is an object, location, or scenario that increases your desire to use. Attending events where alcohol or drugs are prevalent may be a relapse trigger for you. Simply being around people who are using substances may also be triggering.

By becoming aware of your relapse triggers, you can know your limits. This can help you avoid these situations entirely. It can also help you recognize when you need to turn to one of your healthy coping mechanisms. Ensure that you are set up with the appropriate skills to manage the triggers that may arise during Pride Month.

Plan for a Sober Pride and Stay Accountable

To successfully maintain recovery during Pride Month, it is essential to plan ahead and stay accountable. Ensure your plan is achievable by setting realistic expectations for yourself. You may need to skip certain events if you know they will be too triggering for you at this point in your recovery. To avoid the fear of missing out, make a schedule of the activities you can be confident in attending.

You can increase the likelihood that you’ll stick to your plans if you have someone who can keep you accountable. Share your plans with a trusted friend, family member, or your team at Dream Recovery. This can increase your motivation to stick with your plan for a sober Pride.

Surround Yourself with Supportive People

Who you surround yourself with can have an enormous effect on your recovery journey. When celebrating Pride Month, it is especially essential that you surround yourself with supportive individuals who understand the value of sobriety. Try attending events with sober friends or utilizing our LGBTQIA+ support group specifically dedicated to sober members of the community.

Focus on Your Self-Care

Pride Month can be filled with excitement. Unfortunately, anti-LGBTQIA+ messaging may also increase during this time. To prevent burnout and stress,  it’s crucial to prioritize self-care. Take some time for restorative relaxation such as resting or meditation. Consider other stress-relieving activities to maintain optimal well-being during this month of celebration.

Ensure you allow yourself to prioritize your mental and physical wellness by taking breaks when needed. Other tips include staying hydrated, getting enough sleep, and engaging in yoga or meditation to reduce stress. As you practice self-care, you can find yourself rejuvenated and relaxed. You will then be in a headspace to enjoy sober pride celebrations with your friends, family, or peers at Dream Recovery.

Find Alternative Ways of Celebrating for a Sober Pride

A key part of staying sober during Pride Month is discovering alternate ways to celebrate that align with your recovery values. This engagement may involve attending sober events or parties. It might include participating in community service projects.

Search for events that don’t revolve around alcohol consumption or partying. Consider attending sobriety meetings within LGBTQIA+ communities as well as workshops that specifically deal with sobriety within them. Take advantage of any sober activities available. These gatherings provide you with opportunities to meet like-minded sober individuals while celebrating your identity.

If you struggle to find sober Pride events near you, consider hosting some yourself. For example, you might host a Pride party and invite your sober friends. Alternatively, you can use Pride Month as an opportunity to discover new hobbies that align with who you are. You may read books or write stories that feature queer characters or start an exercise group for LGBTQIA+ people.

Have Some Sober Pride

Be proud of being sober, just as you are proud of being a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. Many individuals feel that they have to hide the fact that they do not drink or partake in substance use. However, this is nothing to be ashamed of! Own your sobriety. Celebrate it and the progress you have made along your recovery journey.

Take some time out of each day to reflect upon all that you’ve accomplished so far. Recall why you wanted to get sober in the first place. Focus on the positive aspects of living life without substances as well as the freedom that it brings. Keeping this mindset can help keep you on track to success in recovery through your Pride celebrations. Love yourself for your sobriety and everything else you have to offer. Use this month to celebrate yourself in all areas.

Join us at Dream Recovery in celebrating a sober Pride Month. Don’t let the fear of relapse keep you from participating in the festivities. With the support of our LGBTQIA+ community, we can create a memorable and liberating experience. Take the necessary steps by acknowledging your relapse triggers, planning ahead and seeking accountability, surrounding yourself with supportive people, engaging in self-care, and finding alternative ways to celebrate. Be proud of your sobriety and celebrate the progress you have made. Let’s show the world that sober celebrations can be just as fun and rewarding. To learn more about our LGBTQIA+ support group and ways you can celebrate Pride without substances, reach out to Dream Recovery at (657) 216-7218.

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