Covid-19 Notice

Coronavirus Policy & Safety Procedures – Dream Recovery LLC.

Dream Recovery is accepting admission and operating with heightened safety protocols during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Protecting Our Clients and Staff

  • Staff and clients are encouraged to take the proper preventative steps outlined below:
    • Washing hands often;
    • If soap and water are not available, use hand sanitizer that contains at least 60% alcohol. Covering all surfaces of hands and rub until they feel dry;
    • Avoiding touching of eyes, nose, and mouth with unwashed hands;
    • Avoiding close contact with people who are known to be sick, especially those who are at high risk;
    • Staying home if feeling sick.
  • Staff who are in the high-risk category are encouraged to stay home until the virus is stabilized;
  • Staff who are able to perform their daily functions with normal proficiency from home are encouraged to do so;
  • All staff who are verified to be sick must stay home;
  • If a client is known to be potentially sick, the client will be isolated as much as practicable from other clients who are not ill;
  • Any staff or client who presents symptoms consistent with the virus will be requested to be tested;
  • Clients will only be transported off site if the visit is required for their health and safety;
  • All clients, staff, faculty and visitors will be checked daily for fever — the most common symptom of COVID-19;
  • Visitors will be screened for other symptoms, and will be questioned regarding international travel and exposure to someone with a known case of COVID-19;
  • Dream Recovery will follow the DHCS Guidelines as published in their periodic bulletins, Orange County Supervisor guidelines; Orange County Public Health Department guidelines, California Department of Public Health guidelines and National Center for Disease Control Guidelines, as modified from time to time.

For the most up to date information, as well as any additional questions, please contact us as (949) 973-1489 or use the resource links below:

Orange County Health Care Agency The Federal Center for Disease Control (CDC)
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