Dream Recovery’s main focus is to help people become their best selves. We know you have great potential and want to help you reach your goals and develop an appreciation for yourself. The journey of change is often full of stress and uncertainty, but we want to be by your side to help you overcome the challenges and celebrate your victories.

The Care You Need

Our facility offers various treatment options to help you overcome your addiction. By discussing your specific situation and needs, we can help you determine if outpatient, intensive, or partial day treatment is the best option for you at this time. Since we also offer aftercare services, you can feel comfortable leaving treatment knowing that you always have a support system to reach out to.

If you are unsure of which form of treatment is best for your situation, review the setup of each program and discuss it with your treatment team to determine the best fit for you. Recovery is a long process that often requires alterations throughout the journey. Communicating with your treatment team about your progress and needs can ensure your path continually sets you up for success.

Understanding the potential care and support you will need after treatment is also important. As you maintain your sobriety and newly developed habits, you may need the assistance of a different social network. Understanding the impact of your current social circle and determining if they will support you in your new lifestyle is important so that you can ensure you are surrounded by positive influences.

Where Do You Want to Be?

This is an incredibly important question to ask yourself. When you finish treatment and move on to managing a sober lifestyle, what do you want your life to look like? We are here to help you achieve this vision. We work with each individual as they prepare to leave our programs so that they can define and refine their unique vision for their future. Not only do we want to help you overcome your addiction, but we also want to help you work toward establishing the life you dream of.

This question is especially important to focus on when setting goals through recovery. If you orient your goals toward becoming your desired self, you will set yourself up to be working toward success through the entire recovery process. Understanding who you want to be and where you want to be in the future after completion of treatment can help you and your treatment team to develop a plan to help you reach these goals.

Where Change Happens

Many individuals dislike the idea of changing who they are through recovery. You should still be you while you are in treatment and after you leave. We want to help you change the habits that keep you from reaching your goals and allow you to be your best self. Remember: your addiction is not who you are. Your most authentic self deserves a life free of negative influences.

We want you always to feel that you can be yourself during the process of recovery. However, this does not involve holding onto habits that do not serve you. Treatment is an opportunity to figure out what you need to change for your benefit.

Changing your habits usually takes time, effort, and patience, but the level of change will be different for everyone. It is often hard to accept change, even when it is necessary. Remember that making these changes is not to take away from who you are but to help you become who you desire to be. Change can be necessary at times but often hard to accept. Just as accepting you have an addiction is emotionally difficult, the idea of change can feel overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to reach out for help during this process and discuss your fears with your treatment team.

Difficulty of Change

An important aspect to remember when going through changes in recovery is that change is rarely ever easy. Many people fall under the assumption that the changes they are making are negatively impacting their lives because the process of change involves many challenges. This may be easy to believe at the time, but the best changes often involve significant struggle, especially in the beginning.

Having a mindset resistant to change only adds an extra challenge to the process. Remind yourself that each of these obstacles is temporary. Soon each of these habits you are working to implement will become a natural response for you to engage in. You have greater support within the world around you than what any substance can provide you with. Remember all of the amazing things you have to help you continue this process, and picture how you will enjoy your life when it is free from destructive habits. It will be worth every obstacle.

Change can be intimidating. However, it is a necessary part of every important journey. Dream Recovery believes in your ability to change your life, and we would love to assist and motivate you. The level of change people make in treatment is different for each individual. Defining the goals you wish to accomplish by the time you complete treatment can help you understand the level of change you will be undertaking. We are never trying to change who you are, but we want to help you change the habits that are not serving you. Dream Recovery is where change happens. This kind of change can benefit you for the rest of your life if it is maintained. To learn more about the programs we offer and how change can happen for you, reach out to Dream Recovery at (949) 732-1960.

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