The search for sober activities to enjoy your time and engage with others in recovery can be a challenge. Many individuals in recovery are used to using substances in their free time. They may have relied on substances for entertainment or relaxation. However, doing so was destructive.

Finding sober activities, especially in a new area, is important. Using the following ideas, you can start brainstorming. With so many activities available, you can find one that is well-suited to you.

Costa Mesa has many opportunities that align with the need for enjoyable sober activities. There are various options for all types of individuals to enjoy.

Sober Fitness

The Phoenix is a gym in Costa Mesa. It provides individuals in recovery with a free sober fitness class. This class requires you to be sober for a minimum of 48 hours before the class. The gym is readily available to anyone in our recovery center, as we hope you are engaging in sober fitness regularly. This is a great way to maintain physical health while giving you opportunities to meet other individuals in recovery who may not be at Dream Recovery.

Exercise and fitness classes are helpful apart from being enjoyable sober activities. You may find the gym an excellent resource for maintaining your physical health and increasing your amount of exercise. If you choose to do this as a fun activity, you will gain these benefits regardless. This gym also hosts different events such as sober runs or workouts on the beach. Each of these events is free to individuals who are maintaining sobriety.

Visit a Coffee Shop

If you need a nice relaxing environment to work on school work, journaling, or other therapeutic work, a coffee shop is a great place to check out. Costa Mesa has various coffee shops available, giving you many options to explore.

A coffee shop can be a great first step if you struggle to get outside and open yourself up to interactions with new individuals. Going to a coffee shop requires you to get out into public and talk with the barista to make your order. If you choose one place to regularly go, you will likely create relationships with other regulars and employees. Having external community support can help you realize that you do belong in the community. Your recovery does not have to take those opportunities away.

You may also choose to stop by and grab your favorite drink and pastry as you walk through town. Coffee shops can motivate you to get out of the house and walk around to experience new areas. Exploring the city on foot can help you discover other sober venues and activities that may interest you.

Have a Sober Beach Day

If you are from California or grew up around a beach, you may be involved in water sports or activities that can be done in this environment. If this is new to you, know that there are endless opportunities to explore. Surfing, wakeboarding, snorkeling, swimming, running on the beach, doing yoga, meditating, and journaling can be done on a beach near you.

Many individuals find it to be relaxing to take a walk along the beach. The feeling of sand underneath your feet can help to ground your senses. Looking at the waves rolling in and the marine life right before your eyes, you can expand your perspective.

The beach can also be a great place for social interactions. Many people go to the beach with their friend groups. Others simply walk around and enjoy the scenery. Talking with people you find there, you may create new relationships outside of your recovery network.

There are various beaches in the Costa Mesa area. This gives you the freedom to choose which one resonates most with your wishes.

Alternative Ideas for Sober Activities

If none of these suggestions resonate with you, there are still many options out there to have fun and stay sober. Consider getting a group together to go bowling or go to the movies. Take the time to explore Costa Mesa and the recreational activities that are available to you. Going on a hike is another great option to increase your physical activity levels. 

It is important to experiment with different options and find activities you truly enjoy. Engaging in sober activities that are fulfilling can help you stay distracted from potential cravings and learn more about yourself.

This is a great time to discover new hobbies that you can engage in through your lifelong journey of sobriety. Gaining social support through these activities can be vital, especially during the early stages of recovery.

Avoid Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a common issue that leads to individuals engaging in substance use during their recovery. Ensuring that your support group is not pressuring you into substance use and will also engage in sober activities is important. Help create a supportive environment within the recovery community and spread ideas to others on how to enjoy a sober lifestyle.

Finding sober activities to engage in during treatment can be a difficult task. It is highly possible that many of your previous activities involved substance use. Now that you are working to maintain your sobriety, continuing old activities can be detrimental to your recovery journey. Use these suggestions to help find some potential activities to engage in while staying sober. These suggestions can expand your mind to new ideas and help you find new ways to enjoy your time through sober activities. Engaging in sober activities can also help you to expand your social network to include individuals with similar goals and mindsets. To learn more, reach out to Dream Recovery at (657) 216-7218.

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